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If anyone who is writing to me. I just want you to know that I am having problems writing back to all of you devianARTists. I'm having problems with with my yahoo email. And just to let you guys know that I said your welcome for favoriting your arts and you might see some messages to others for requests.

Message 1. To Inked alpha if your reading this message just to let you know I would like to read more chapters of ADGTH 4 please.

Message 2. To unoservix I like to make a request when you see this message. Write back to me.

Message 3. To GUILLE832(Blushing)Aw shucks it was nothing.

Message 4. To stepandy Please make more chapters for Mark of chaos and Equestria world.

Message 5. To Shadowchan14 please make more chapters of xiaolin showdown.

Message 6. To Dragonfire92379's please make more chapters of The pebble and the digidestined.

Message 7. To Broken-Hex please make more discord and me.

Message 8.  To cartoonprincess91 Please make more chapters of Discordula.

Message 9. To MsNita Please make more chapters of Hellsing vs. Aliens.

Message 10. To NinjaDP's please make more Ghetto Green pictures. And also make buttercup and ace drawings.

Message 11. To PurfectPrincessGirl please make more The PPGX AceXButtercup Doodledump. And maybe make a fanfic from them.

Message 12. To 3D4D why not add ahuizotl and replace corrupted Twilight Sparkle with Nightmare Twilight from Fureox?

Message 13. To MiharuWatanabe please make a book of life fanfic with your oc character Serotina in it please?

Message 14. To Fensy please make more winx ponies.

Message 15. To Satanbrony I wish I could, but I'm having problems writing to others and you. If you read at the very top you'll see I left a message there for everyone to understand why I can't send messages. I can only make comments here. I'm sorry I hope you'll forgive me.

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